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Our Story

Bringing wow to your wine life!

Rob and Dale are simple men. In the nicest possible way of course. So when they decided to start Wine&Something, it was inspired by life’s simplest pleasures. A love of family. A passion for friendship. Oh - and an obsessive appreciation for the joy of wine. But only the really good, really affordable stuff.

And it’s these simple beliefs (and some blind optimism) that have brought us here. Recently launching a new business in one of the UK’s most competitive ecommerce markets. Laithwaites. Naked Wines. Virgin Wines. They all sell wine online. And they all have bigger wine portfolio’s, bigger marketing teams and much bigger budgets than two middle-aged mates with a dream. 

So. Why even bother? Well, because everyone likes an underdog. No-one really likes a global conglomerate (do they?). And because those bigger boys don’t sell our wines online. Hardly anyone does in fact.  

That’s because we work with some of the world’s smallest independent, family-owned producers, sourced with passion and patience by our (grand) Master of Wine. You can find out more about Robin here, she’s a bit special. 

We aim to bring excitement to your doorstep and wow to your wine life. That means new experiences. New joys. And new smile-a-second-sippers for life’s happiest moments.

Ambitious, innovative and gratifyingly different, we believe that good wine goes with anything. Big nights. Posh meals. New loves. Old friends. The better the wine, the better those somethings. So, we’re here to help make them something’s special.

So… now you know us a little bit, isn’t it time you got to know our wonderful portfolio of wines? Happy browsing, and happy ordering (we hope) – here’s to wine& new beginnings!

What makes us different

...and why try Wine&Something for your next wine purchase

Wine credibility 

We handpick our wines from independently run family-owned wineries from around the world. It gives us a wine portfolio to be truly proud of, at prices that will make you smile.   

Customer focused  

Great wine makes people happy. And we want to make people happy too. So we think we’ve got a good thing going here. If we can ever offer any help or guidance, please do get in touch.

Good times together

We think the joy of wine is all the more enhanced when sharing with friends and family. Join us to discover incredible wines, amazing people and unforgettable adventures!