Familia Correa Lisoni  

Rapel, Maule and Central Valley, Chile

In 1902 began an adventure that unites passion, tradition and family spirit, with the vine grower passion of five generations, which for almost a century and a half have inspired their successors to continue the legacy. Today we pay tribute in life with our family brand: Familia Correa Lisoni.

Their mission is to fulfil a sustainability role in social terms with the families of the company's workers and their community; plus a strong preservation of everything related to the natural and wild environment, through the use of agricultural practices and winemaking that go in harmony with the natural life.

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Meet the winemaker
Jose Tomás Correa Lisoni

Familia Correa Lisoni represents the spirit of a family and tradition of the Chilean wine industry. The perseverance of the people, who have managed to overcome this crazy geography, and the fierceness of their climatic events. Have allowed them to achieve a product of global excellence. Their wines are the result of this adventure and reflects their family tradition through five generations.

Winemaker and CEO and who daily works hard producing world-class wines, that are sold on the five continents. "Imposing a distinctive seal of perfect balance between fresh fruit, terroir and balanced vinification to deliver a high-quality product."

At a glance

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Rapel, Maule, and Central Valley

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Jose Tomás Correa Lisoni

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3.6 Million bottles per year

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Estate size:
510 hectares