Meet Robin

The black-footed ferret is a very rare thing. Endangered in fact. There are just over 400 in the world. But they’re not quite as rare as our Robin, the (grand) Master of Wine and maker of joy for Wine&Something. Not heard of a Master of Wine before? Exactly. She’s one in 19-million.

Now then. Although Robin will quickly lose patience when compared to an endangered ferret from the Northern Great Planes, she has the most amazing patience (and impeccable palate) when it comes to wine. Or more specifically, when it comes to finding incredible wines from the most brilliant, artisanal producers around the world. Wines that are almost as rare as her.

We’ll let Robin tell you the rest…

Although I’m originally from Chicago, I now live in Lugano, Switzerland…  which just happens to be only a short trip to many of Europe’s most famous wine regions! 

In 1998 I began to study wine at the Bureau Interprofessionel des Vins de Bourgogne in Beaune (B.I.V.B.) and the Université du Vin in Suze-la- Rousse in France’s Rhône Valley, before joining Christie’s in California as a fine wine auction specialist.  My ambition to become a Master of Wine attracted me back to Europe, and in 2014 it became official, and I joined a tiny community of just 390 people that could claim to hold this standing. 

I blush when people tell me I have one of the world’s best palates, but it’s certainly high praise. And in my role with Wine&Something, I absolutely love the challenge of building a reputable and unique wine portfolio of hidden ‘gems’ from across the globe. 

I’m delighted to say we now offer a truly outstanding portfolio of 300+ wines, working with 90 producers in 12 countries… I trust you’ll enjoy drinking our wines as much as I have enjoyed sourcing them. 


My favourite wine regions

I love most of the world's wine regions but these three I consider my spiritual homes!


There is no other region in the world that shows the diversity of its soils and “sense of place” better than Burgundy. Though they only have two main grapes – Pinot Noir in red and Chardonnay in white – their wines can offer such transparency, diversity and complexity. 

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Italy’s third largest region and possibly its most diverse with 45 registered indigenous varieties and over 300 to be researched. A region for the oenologically curious! One of the most beautiful with its sculpted hillsides and perched villages and savoured for its fragrant and refined white truffle!

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It is almost impossible to not love Champagne. Its bubbles and freshness lift the spirit even on the most dreariest of days and generates even more joy on festive ones. Produced in a number of styles, there is virtually something for everyone and can complement so many different dishes.

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My Producer of the month 

This month I have chosen three female producers leading the way in the wine world, Anna Jørgensen from Cortes de Cima, Ellie Bartow from Ten Sisters, and Elise Uijttewaal from Château Saint-Hilaire