Building our company with the environment in mind!

If you’ve ordered from us before, then you might have noticed our packaging. We invested a lot of time and effort into getting this right when we started out. Of course, with sending out such fragile items like wine bottles, we needed sturdy packing materials, but we also wanted them to be 100% recyclable so we could be as sustainable as possible.

If you are a budding crafter, you can always upcycle our inner-packaging into storage pots or use it as planter! Once you have enjoyed your wine, please recycle or upcycle the bottle. We have some inspiration of how you can upcycle in our blog post here. We like to cut-out waste wherever we can, and some of our bottles are really beautiful! (even if we say so ourselves!). It’s because we believe little actions can create a lot of impact. And because, despite being a little start-up, we want to make sure our planet is healthy so that many more generation can enjoy amazing wine too!


DHL, who do our daily deliveries, are committed to managing environmental issues by investing and upgrading their warehousing and fleet. Through the focusing on the uses of electric and or alternative fuel options from sustainable sources to minimize their environment impact. 

Hillebrand, who do our freight transport from producers around the world, are part of the UN Global Compact initiative. Further, Hillebrand support the IMO 2020 regulation with the aim of decreasing air pollution, within the maritime industry, by 70% globally by 2025.


Our boxes are 100% recyclable. The paint used is water-based, with no toxic elements. The inner wine moulds are made from 100% recycled material, contains no additives, are biodegradable and fully compostable. The packaging is DIN EN 13432 : 2000-12, certified with compostable material 2016-01.

We use FSC accredited paper and recyclable inks on our inserts and our tape can be recycled along with your box. 

Bottles, corks & caps:

All our wines are delivered in glass bottles which are recyclable. Not all our producers use recycled glass but it’s apart of an on-going discussion to encourage them to use recycled glass.

Corks can be composted if you have home composting. However, corks are not collected as part of your doorstep recycling scheme.

Screw caps can be recycled, however we advise removing  caps from bottles because it makes it easier to recycle the glass.  Squeeze the bottle cap into an aluminium can but remember to remove the plastic insert first.