It's time to spread a little joy...

It’s been a funny old time of recent, hasn’t it? So, here at Wine&Something, we feel incredibly proud and lucky to be able to say our business was built during those times. We have the utmost appreciation and gratitude to our customers for helping make that happen. As we move into more hopeful and exciting times, it’s now time not to take anything for granted. Time to start making memories with those we love and care about the most. And – it’s time for us at Wine&Something to say thank you to you, our fabulous customers for your support.

So, we’re giving you the opportunity to surprise someone special with a bottle on us. Because what better way to get back together, than over great wine?

How it works


Spend £75 or more on our delicious wine and you’ll qualify to send a Bottle of Kindness, to someone special, on us. Yes, it’s free!


Choose a bottle from our delectable selection, and write a message to your chosen person - sentimental, funny, excitable - it’s up to you!


Confirm their email address, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll get in touch with them and arrange delivery of their wine.


Sit back and wait, a few days later you’ll likely receive a gushing thank you message. Then arrange your BBQ, picnic or big reunion.

Bottles of Kindness shared so far.

Launched: 3 August 2021

Surprise someone with
a Bottle of Kindness

Do you have a loved one that you want to let know you've been thinking of them? A friend who you’ve not seen for a while who’d appreciate a surprise bottle? Or perhaps an old work colleague you’d like to reconnect with over a bottle or two? This is your opportunity to reach out and make someone’s day with their favourite tipple. Why not treat yourself to some wine today and in return, we'll treat them.

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Supporting those who also spread joy

When coming up with the idea of Bottles of Kindness, we also wanted to find a way to give back to communities. We found 52-lives, a charity founded on the belief that small acts of kindness make a huge difference. We’re proudly supporting 52-lives by donating £1 for every Bottle of Kindness we send, and so by taking part, you’ll be supporting this amazing charity too.


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