Domaine Jeannin Naltet  

Burgundy, France

Jeannet-Naltet is a re-born domaine. Before 2015, they sold off their wine in bulk. When it was time for a generational shift to take place, there was no obvious heir apparent. So, the family's nephew, Benoît, who knew nothing of being a vigneron, agreed to leave his engineering career in Paris. The trade-off…he wanted to bottle his own wines. It sounds a bit like a Hollywood script, but Benoît worked tirelessly at winemaking school, while reworking the vineyards. In just a few short years, he is now making world class wines.

The vines grow on an unbroken piece of land near the village of Mercurey and are mainly classified as Mercurey 1er cru. Thanks to these natural assets, these vineyards are quite exceptional. Domaine Jeannin-Naltet is also one of the few remaining estates to produce the region's traditional spirits, in its Burgundy cellars: le Marc , la Fine , le Ratafia and the Crémant de Bourgogne.

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Meet the winemaker
Benoît Eschard  

In 2011, Benoît Eschard, an “Arts & Métiers” engineering graduate, decided to take over Domaine Jeannin-Naltet in Mercurey, from his uncle who was looking for a successor.

The domaine has always been the embodiment of Burgundy tradition and spirit, but Benoît’s motivation for taking it over was a more personal one. He was taking on, not just a family heritage, but a vineyard, in the heart of a celebrated terroir, which needed to be tamed. This profound, humble connection to the land through the vine is, in fact, both the realisation of a personal quest and the driving force that would bring out the very best of the domaine’s unique selection of plots, with an eye turned to the future.

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Benoît Eschard 

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35 000 bottles per year

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Estate size:
10 hectares