Fascinating Facts about Wine

Prosecco Day 13 August

By: Wine&Something, June 2023

A grape from Slovenian origin, Glera, also known as prosecco, is a white grape variety which was brought to the Italian village of Prosecco from the Karst region (a plateau between Italy and Slovenia). Formally and mostly referred to as Prosecco, however the EU in 2009 renamed the grape to ‘Glera’ to allow for the name of the geographical area of ‘Prosecco’ to be protected.

Lambrusco Day

By: Wine&Something, June 2023

Lambrusco, thanks to newcomers, which have completely rejuvenated a grape that defiantly got a bad rap a few decades ago. These new Lambrusco rock stars are challenging people to change their opinions. Lambrusco a grape that simply asks you to “Go on, give me a second chance?”.

National Rosé Day 10 June

By: Wine&Something, May 2023

 When thinking of rosé wine, delicate hues of pink illuminate one’s mind. But have you ever wondered how rosé wine is made? And why is some rosé wine darker in colour than others? Or how about who conceptualized rosé wine?

5 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day with Wine!

By: Wine&Something, March 2023

It's almost Mother's Day, whether you are thinking of spoiling your mum or treating yourself to celebrate motherhood, we have put together 5 ways in which we can help you knock this mother's day out of the park! 

A Valentines Day to Remember

By: Wine&Something, February 2023

They say all you need is love, we say all you need is love and a delicious bottle of wine! Embrace Valentine’s Day with us as we set to explore different ways of curating the perfect wine-related gifts and experiences for the oenophile in your life! Let’s get their inner wino swooning…

Champagne, what's not to love?

By: Wine&Something December 2022

A wine synonymous with royalty and famous people throughout time. This delightfully delicious nectar produced in the Champagne region of France contains about 9.8 million bubbles per glass and can prevent memory loss. Intrigued?

National Orange Wine Day, 6 October 2022

By: Wine&Something October 2022

Sometimes called ‘amber wine’ or ‘skin contact wine’ and named after the colour not the ingredients! No oranges in this one. So why is it name so? A fantastic alternative to rose, and definitely a conversation starter…..

Opening Champagne with a saber!

By: Wine&Something August 2022

Good idea or not? Most people have seen an iconic scene in a movie where the hero opens a champagne with his sword or saber and the liquid gold comes shooting out the bottle. Inciting pipe dreams in most of wanting to try this iconic move – even if its just once. But where did this idea of opening champagne with a sword come from?