5 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day with Wine!

March 8, 2023

It's almost Mother's Day and while for some this is a difficult time, for others it presents an opportunity to gather around as a family 
and celebrate the most important person in our lives - Mum!
Whether you are thinking of spoiling your mum or treating yourself to celebrate motherhood, we have everything to cover your gifting needs and facilitate the celebratory drinks
This is why we have put together 5 ways in which we can help you knock this mother's day out of the park! 

1. Wines that pair well with your mum (or you)

Let’s figure out which best embodies her (or your) unique character, a vino for every type of mum if you will!

The best and most polished Mum

For the mum who enjoys finer things in life, you cannot go wrong with wines with high wine scores like L'Avenir Estate Single Block Chenin Blanc 2019 from South Africa, Gamba Gnirega Amarone della Valpolicella Classico "Le Quare" 2016 from Italy, and Domaine Y Clerget Volnay 1er Cru Santenots 2016 from France. The best wines don't have to break the bank.

Fashionista Mum

"In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening.” - Willie Gluckstern

Let’s make it a perfect evening for Mums who live in their stilettos and love to experiment! Champagne and fashion are a match made in heaven and foreign wines are always an experience they’d love to try. You cannot go wrong with a Philippe Glavier Idylle Céleste Rosé Grand Cru Extra Brut NVVadin-Plateau Bois des Jots 1er Cru Dosage Zéro 2013,  or a Corbon Brut d'Autrefois NV.

Explore our entire range of Champagnes here.

Organic and Natural Mum

For Mums who swear by the organic way of living, wines that ooze earthiness through their sustainable way of production techniques like Famille Lieubeau Rosé Val de Loire IGP Joseph Grégoire Lieubeau 2019Feudo Montoni Grillo Timpa Sicilia 2020, and, Albury Estate Pinot Noir NV  is the right choice. High-quality wine which tastes amazing & benefits the planet earth is a win-win.

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Sweet and Sassy

Does your mum eat her dessert first? For the mum who prefers things on the sweeter side, reach for a bottle of dessert wine.
Weingut am Kaiserbaum Lerchenspiel Rieslaner Auslese 2015 (Half)from Germany, Loxwood Meadworks Pure Mead from England, and, Feudo Montoni Passito Rosso NV (Half) from Italy, are what comes to our mind when we think of amazing dessert wines from around the world. With high acidity, sweetness, and fruity notes, these wines are the perfect companion to a rich dessert.

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2. Personalize your mum’s favourite wine with their name.

Mums appreciate anything let alone a thoughtful gift! and with the launch of our personalization service this year, we cannot stop gushing over how unique a gift it is!
Are you hearing about it for the first time? Then you must read all about it here and follow the simple steps mentioned to present her with the memory of a lifetime!

We cannot hold back from revealing to you some of our prettiest bottles (see below)which when combined with the beautiful, handcrafted calligraphy would elevate the overall aesthetics, making it a perfect keep’s sake, with or without wine in it!

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3. Raise a toast to your mum

“Come quickly, I’m tasting the stars!” Dom Perignon

Well…we cannot argue with Mr. Perginon, cracking open a bottle of bubbly to appreciate your mum is the perfect way to kick-start the evening! Celebrate by gathering around the table with the family, raising a toast, and sharing a few words to let your mum know how her presence in your life is unmatched! To ensure the wine is as perfect as her, we have our finest selection of 35+ bubblies, all from charming independent wine estates across the globe, ideal as a gift or as a bottle to share!

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4. Cook a meal together and pair it with the right wine.

Give your mum a break from the kitchen and offer to cook a delicious meal for her (or with her)! This is a perfect way to catch up and make memories you both will treasure!
If cooking is not your thing, how about putting your feet up, ordering a takeaway instead, and pairing it with the perfect wine that would elevate your meal, this way you can also flex your wine-pairing skills. If you have a favourite wine in mind, you can browse for it in our portal and on the product page you will find a guide that matches your wine with the perfect food pairing. But if you want to do it the other way around, browse for wines based on food pairings and choose from the options according to your liking whether it is chocolate, any type of meat, cheese, or vegetarian.

We suggest exploring our selection of mixed reds and white wine cases to have choices that’d go with anything!

5. Get crafty with leftover wine bottles.

If your mom is not a vino, relive the old crafty days by turning our leftover wine bottles into an art piece! This will not only elevate the experience of the time you’d spend with her but also give the process an actual end product that could live in her décor collection for a long time. Who knows, she might even end up discovering a new hobby after your little DIY session!

We have listed a few of our favourites that are quick and easy to process.

Use the craft glue to cover the entire or bottom portion of the bottle and sprinkle glitter of your choice to cover the surface. Let it dry for 30mins and voila you have a décor piece that you can leave as it is or decorate with a plant to use as a vase.

Clean the bottle with alcohol wipes and insert the corkscrew fairy lights to use as a night lamp.

 Add the candle holder onto the bottle opening and use it for ambiance lighting.

Use the bottle to create holiday patterns using paint markers and save it for the season to decorate the house or use it in the table set-up.

Use decoupage glue and paper to create long-lasting prints on the bottle.

While we have only covered the tip of the possibilities, this project could enable you and your mom to develop more ideas and maybe incorporate a few into your holiday gifting lists or even sell them at the local craft markets or Etsy. Sky’s literally the limit here!

Happy Mother's Day!