Hear from Robin Kick MW

Why I Love Sangiovese

By: Robin Kick, February 2023

As a Master of Wine, I have been genuinely fortunate to taste expansively – wines from the most classic of regions like Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne in France to wines from the most progressive New World areas like Mendoza, Argentina; Barossa, Australia; and Napa Valley California. Some wines linger in your sensory memory while others make a pleasant entry and then gently dissipate just as quickly.

Despite appreciating a good number of exceptional varieties, there are only really a handful that I regularly crave. Sangiovese wine is one of them.

Robin's favourite regions

By: Wine&Something February 2022

We asked Robin what would be her three top wine regions would be. Her choices have to do with diversity of its soils,  45 registered indigenous varieties and one particular wine that freshness lift the spirit. Here are her three top picks and why.....