Our Winemakers

Team Fledge, the next generation out of the Cape of Good Hope!

By: WIne&Something, July 2023

Find out why this energetic and lively couple love what they do, why exploring is important and how they are breaking barriers of this male dominated industry with a mainly female run operation. 


 Image by: David Silverman

A Family Affair - team Ramirez de la Piscina

By: Wine&Something, January 2023

Meet this 4th generation dynamic brother and sister team, who are carrying on their family's tradition and producing world class wines. Having learned the business from grassroots level, they take everything in their strides! Find out more from Sonia and Salvador........

Meet our 'New Kid on the Block' Familia Correa Lisoni!

By: Wine&Something, November 2022

Now into the 5th generation of wine making, so perhaps not so much the new kids in the business but are our new shiny stars in our wine warehouse. Their wine is the result of the adventure and familiar tradition that has been almost 120 years in the making.......

One family with a dream and a journey to Portugal!

By: Wine&Something, October 2022

The story of a Danish-American couple set out in a sailboat to find a place to start a family and plant a vineyard. Their story begins in 1988, destination Portugal and in the land of white varietals they bucked tradition and planted red and labelled it under the pseudonym of ‘Incognito’! Find out why…..

A walkabout in an Australian Vineyard.

By: Wine&Something, September 2022

Bruce Dukes from Clairault Streicker Vineyards shares his love for Margaret River, why evolving as a winemaker is paramount and chianti is his choice when not indulging in his own wines......

Weingut am Kaiserbaum, precision & harmony!

by: Wine&Something, August 2022

Gerald Hundinger winemaker aficionado at Weingut am Kaiserbaum and is all about precision and harmony when it comes to making wine , while enjoying a glass or two along the way! Find out how he is adapting to issue such as climate change and the effects it has on the time of harvesting .......

Authentique.....London Calling!

by: Wine&Something, July 2022

Nick Keeler of Authentique Wine Cellars recently skipped across the pond to Europe and the UK, and visited us here at the Wine&Something headquarters in Guildford. Here are his thoughts .......

June, The Jubilee and Court Garden

by: Wine&Something, June 2022

'O my Luve is like a red, red rose. That’s newly sprung in June' -Robert Burns. June is Jubilee month and we salute The Queen with our nod to English wines. Court Garden, is quintessentially British wine at it finest.......

To Chablis or not to Chablis?

by: Wine&Something, May 2022

Passion is the name of the game at Domaine Gueguen. Delighting in all that they do, Céline and Frédéric Gueguen answer all............

Taste Tuscany with Guido Carissimo.

by: Wine&Something, April 2022

Tuscany and 'love at first sight' coupled with fine wine! What could be better? Read on to find out more about Guido's love for his country, his wines and 'Chianina beef'............

Matt Reid, the 'Peoples Wine Revolution' Man!

by: Wine&Something, March 2022

Food and wine paring is a given, but we all have some interesting ideas of what we think goes! Matt's story involves roast chicken, fries and burgundy............