The Ultimate Grape Guide

Chenin Blanc

By: Wine&Something, April 2023

A grape that is undoubtedly the world's most versatile grape, which is produced in various styles including dessert wines. Chenin Blanc hails from the old-world, but most comfortable in the new world nowadays, where it flourishes under the warmer climates. Chenin Blanc is a wine for all occasions.


By: Wine&Something, May 2023

Vinified in a variety of styles, Chardonnay is one of the world’s most popular noble grapes’. Originating from Burgundy, now grown in all four corners of world from England to New Zealand and back again. We look into its history and discovered a few fun facts along the way.

Sauvignon Blanc

By: Wine&Something, April 2023

The green skinned grape which originated from Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc most likely received its name from the French words sauvage -"wild" and blanc -"white". This ‘Wild White’ grape is also possible a distant relative from the Savagnin. Now grown the world over and depending on the climate, the flavour can range from aggressively grassy to sweetly tropical.


By: Wine&Something, March 2023

Malbec, a purple grape variety used to make red wine, which tends to have an inky dark color and robust tannins. It is also only one of the six grapes permitted in red wine blends from Bordeaux. A grape that is susceptible to various grape diseases and frost, find out how Argentina saved the humble Malbec grape.


By: Wine&Something, October 2022

From the land of the braai, biltong, and the Springboks comes this 100% uniquely South African grape. Not even a century old yet, and hailing from two infamous parents, this wine is certainly making its presence known in recent years in the wine world….


By: Wine&Something, March 2023

The Riesling grape often a grape that much divides people, perhaps a little misunderstood, but nonetheless a delicious grape once you get to know them. We delve behind the meaning of certain words often associated with Riesling and discuss how this grape has captured the hearts of serious wine enthusiasts and sommeliers the world over!


By: Wine&Something, February 2023

The infamous child of two rather unknown parents. This grape has a few of interesting legends about how it came the Rhône area. And we also set the record straight about the different names and which is correct Syrah and Shiraz?

Pinot Meunier

By: Wine&Something, December 2022

Often used in the production of sparkling wine and is one of the three primary grapes allowed in Champagne and accounts for 40% of the grapes grown in the region. First mentioned in the 16th century and with a name meaning ‘miller’ , it is responsible for giving Champagne its body and richness …..


By: Wine&Something, November 2022

With over 10,000 grape varieties, you could be forgiven if you were to mistake one for another. This is exactly what happened when this lost grape was thought to have been wiped out after a disease called Phylloxera came to France in the 1860s.


By: Wine&Something, November 2022

“You say Zinfandel, I say Primitivo” …. a discussion that lasted 30 years which needed the intervention of a Bureau and DNA testing to make a final decision and conclusion to this rather long ‘discussion’! Find out more about ‘Zinquest’ and who was right….?


By: Wine&Something, November 2022

A grape varietal of many names and known as Spain's 'Nobel grape'.  Dating back over 3000 years, Tempranillo is Spain's most favourite varietal, find out the meaning of this grapes name and some interesting legal terms for aging Tempranillo.....


By: Wine&Something, November 2022

Marvelous Merlot, this grape is known the world over and used a lot in blends and for rosé wines. Shrouded in mystery for centuries as to its heritage and a favourite among many. This wine when done right exudes a harmonious flavour, giving you the feeling of ‘you know you’ve arrived’.


By: Wine&Something, September 2022

The third Friday of September is the official Grenache Day! It is one of the world’s most widely planted red grapes that are important to produce red wines, but it also makes some delightful Rosé wines too. Find out all about this varietals Rhône roots and our pick from around the world.......

Cabernet Sauvignon

By: Wine&Something, August 2022

Paying homage to this much-loved grape the world over! Cabernet Sauvignon is grown in all of the world’s major winemaking regions, from Argentina to Australia, Europe to China. The largest grower of this varietal is none other than the country in which it originated, France, with over 55,000 hectares planted! Now of international grape status, find out why this grape is renowned the world over……

Pinot Noir

By: Wine&Something, August 2022

One for the diary for all Pinot Noir lovers! Learn more about the Pinot Noir grape varietal, where its name comes from and find out why it is one of the most challenging grapes to grow! Master of Wine, Robin Kick explains this and more along with some great recommendations ..…