Wine Basics

Organic and Biodynamic Wines

By: Wine&Something, January 2023

Organic seems to on the lips of everyone lately, cropping up everywhere one goes. But you may be wondering what exactly is organic wine? Is organic wine and natural wine the same thing? And how about Biodynamic wines? If these are questions you are asking or wondering about, carry on reading to find out the answers and more.....

Vegan wines, what are they?

By: Wine&Something, January 2023

One would automatically assume as wine is made from fermented grapes that it should be vegan, correct? Unfortunately, no this is not true. Still in today’s modern world, some producers still use animal and animal derived products in the fining process which make not only the wines non-vegan, but some are also not vegetarian friendly either. Find out more about what makes a wine vegan or not!

Wine vocabulary 

By: Wine&Something, January 2023

The world of wine can be an exciting place to explore (all from the comfort of your own sofa if that’s your choice), but sometimes the ‘lingo’ used can be confusing. We break down the terms used by industry professionals and sommeliers.

Corked Wine – how to tell if it's corked?

By: Wine&Something, July 2022

Having a good bottle of wine can make an evening. But when you pull your favourite bottle and it just doesn’t taste like it should, it puts a ‘damp squib’ on the evening. So how do you know if your bottle is corked?