Wines with a Great Story

Open that Bottle Night

By: Wine&Something, February 2023

Open that bottle night is the brainchild of two journalists and husband-and-wife team from the ‘The Wall Street Journal,’ Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher. The meaning and goal behind the night was to build connections by motivating people to open a bottle and create memories together.

Find out what we will be opening?

History of Mulled Wine

By: Wine&Something, December 2022

Discover the story behind the festive seasons drink of choice for Christmas market goers the world over. Dating back centuries ago to the Romans empire days where this winter treat was called ‘Conditum Paradoxum’. In today’s world each country has their own recipe and name for mulled wine, Glögg in Sweden and Denmark, Glühwein in German and vin à la Française in French. But one thing remains the same, and no matter what its called, this drink is a spicy, delectable Christmas time treat....

It's all in the name……

By: Wine&Something, October 2022

If we had to ask you what do Halley’s comet, the French mathematician Alexis Clairault and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia have in common? Perhaps a bit of an odd mix, but the story is too interesting not to share! Read on to find out more about this three part noteworthy story, which unites into one delicious wine……

The story behind the interesting labels of Oxer Wines

By: Wine&Something October 2022

Oxer Bastegieta is a Rockstar and we are definitely amongst his ‘groupies’. A man who is doing wine his way but with tradition. Each of his wines is a story not only in taste but looks too.....