Dale and Robert are simple men. In the nicest possible way, of course. So, when they decided to start Wine&Something, it was inspired by life’s simplest pleasures. A love of family. A passion for friendship. Oh – and an obsessive appreciation for the joy of wine. But only the really good, really affordable stuff.

"What's the 'Something' about?"

Well, we believe that good wine goes with anything. Big nights. Posh meals. New loves. Old friends. The better the wine, the better those somethings. So we’re here to help make those something’s special, bringing excitement to your doorstep and wow to your wine life. 

Not only that, but we’re also here to provide for anyone. Connoisseurs, toe-dippers, “only on occasions” sippers, our impressive portfolio of hand-crafted treasures will be sure to please even the most discerning palate and heighten some of life’s happiest moments. 

"Why choose Wine&Something?"

...we hear you also ask. We admire your inquisitiveness. Well, first, because you'll discover some pretty fabulous hidden gems. We're proud to partner with some of the world’s best family-owned, independent, producers that create wine with passion, integrity, and personality.

Second, because our portfolio is sourced with great care and patience by our (grand) Master of Wine, Robin. You’re right to think she sounds pretty marvellous. Armed with one of the world’s best palates (yes, really), she has selectively hand-picked over 300 wines to build our portfolio from the most brilliant artisanal producers around the globe.

Smile-a-second sippers

So, when it comes to your next celebration, event or Tuesday night in, you can trust Wine&Something to provide the perfect companion for life’s greatest pleasures. Enjoy our wines your way - from as little as one bottle through to our 12-bottle mixed cases. If you need some help choosing, give us a shout - you don’t need to ask us twice to talk about wine. 

Our delivery is nice and swift, so you won't be twitching the curtains in anticipation for long - have your glasses ready for the 'ding dong!' for the most exciting of deliveries.

Here's to the start of your new wine discovery. Cheers!