Wine& poker night.

Here, we are ante drama, and only focus on sure bets that will raise the roof of your house and be an immediate hit with your friends and loved ones. We went all in when putting this jackpot case together, and whether you’re flush or not, it will not break the bank. These wines are ace and when you open them you will want to hold ’em and not let go, and we are not bluffing. It’s your call.

This case includes a pair of the following wines:

  • Famille Lieubeau Muscadet Joseph Grégoire Lieubeau 2019
  • Domaine des Girasols Rasteau "Fût" MMXV 2015
  • Franchetto La Capelina Soave 2019
  • Opstal Sixpence Red 2018
  • The Fledge & Co Jikken Bareru Sauvignon Blanc 2020
  • Familia Blanco Mairena Malbec 2018

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Wine& Poker: 5% discount

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